Stop Biting Your Nails. Learn 5 Ways To Murder Your Nail Biting Habit

Published: 07th May 2010
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Chewing your nails is a horrible, unhealthy, ugly and disgusting habit. You honestly must stop biting your nails. Its not easy because learning how to stop biting your nails takes time, work and dedication.

Not unlike the alcoholic the first step needed to stop nail biting is to recognize and admit you must stop biting your nails.

However learning to quit nail biting is for most people a difficult task to accomplish and for many people it has been impossible to do.

In the end most people finally simply give up resigning themselves to a life long and exceptionally nasty habit.

If you are up to facing the facts. Badly bitten nails are just plain ugly. They can and very often do lead the nail biter to an assortment of other problems. Chronic or compulsive nail biting will and does often lead to.

1. Pain and swelling.

2. Infections.

3. Selfconsciousness and embarrassment.

4. Assorted and varying diseases H1N1 comes to mind quickly.

5. Split and ragged looking nails.

6. Bleeding around the nails.

It doesn't however need to be this way. People can certainly learn to quit nail biting and improve their health, their appearance and self confidence.

If you are truly tired of having badly bitten and ugly unhealthy nails. When you finally grow tired of the split, cracked torn ugly nails and maybe bleeding.

Below are 5 easy tips to help you to finally have great looking, long and healthy nails.

1. Admit the problem. If you don't do that success likely will evade you. Actually some before, during and after pictures of your nails and success will help.

2. Self visualization. Much like a baseball player is able to visualize his bat contacting the ball, seeing yourself growing healthy attractive nails is great positive self reinforcement.

3. Diet, diet is important when trying to grow nails. Magnesium and calcium, you should eat those foods rich in both. Often nail biters are low in both. Some of you nail biting habit could be a subconscious effort to obtain both calcium and magnesium.

4. Shift you habits. Simply do something else less harmful anytime you feel the need to bite your nails. I learned to stop whatever I was doing, close my eyes and visualize my golf swing. Still do it today occasionally. Tap your toes, do something else.

5. Arm yourself. Learn about and take advantage of over the counter products. Buy no bite nail polish. No bite nail polish contains chemicals that taste terribly foul. There are creams and other concoctions that may help, they also taste terrible.

Try any product you believe could help you. Carry your no bite weapons with you. It's quite alright to apply no bite aids as often as you need to. Some people get accustomed to the taste of a particular product. Should or when that happens just buy another brand.

It really is a battle learning to quit nail biting. You are not likely to learn how to stop biting your nails easily or quickly. You can learn to stop nail biting for good with some time and work.

Badly bitten, unhealthy and ugly nails do not need to be a part of your life.


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